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Fred's Experience and Expertise

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  • MacOSX Specialist

    Over twenty years experience architecting Apple Mac IT infrastructure for businesses

    I designed, researched, purchased, installed, and troubleshot hardware and software.

    Industries: Accounting | Advertising | Education | Health | Hospitality | Public Relations | Publishing

  • Database Design

    FileMaker Pro and MySQL database development

    Senior FM Pro developer and experienced MySQL developer

    Industries: Advertising | Airlines | Education | Health | Hospitality | Publishing | Retail

  • Graphic Design

    Web and print design elements for business marketing

    Fred designs logos, advertising, and site themes for a variety of business needs.

    Industries: Education | Health | Hospitality | Publishing | Retail

  • UIX

    Designing a better experience on all the apps I develop

    Web apps that looks good and have efficient user interface are a pleasure to use.

    Industries: Accounting | Advertising | Education | Health | Hospitality | Public Relations | Publishing

  • LAN/WAN Engineering

    Built scalable, thoroughly-monitored, stable networking solutions

    Hands on with the hard and soft of networking small and medium sized networks.

    Skills: Ethernet | Fiber Optics | Firewall | Security | TCP/IP | Twisted Pair | Wireless

  • Project Manager

    Managed the successful delivery of IT projects

    Over twenty years planning, executing, controlling, and completing projects with teams.

    Industries: Advertising | Education | Health | Hospitality | Public Relations | Publishing

  • Front End Web Developer Magento Certified Front End Developer

    I Design and develop advanced User Experience theming and functionality

    I currently work at Blue Acorn building lots of nifty front end interfaces for medium to large businesses.

    Tools: SASS | LESS | OOJavaScript | JQuery | Backbone | Node.js | Angular.js

  • Back End Web Developer

    Produce advanced UI and customized programming

    Twelve years of banging my head on the latest web technologies to build good sites.

    Tools: PHP | CodeIgniter | MySQL | Drupal | Magento | WordPress

  • Copy Editor

    Edited literary magazines, newspapers, and promotional publications

    I developed editing skills as a writer and DTP and I continue to use these skills today.

    What: Community Newspapers | Newsletters | Literary Publications

  • Journalism

    Photographer and writer for special interest publications

    Wrote articles and photographed for environmental, travel, and even coffee publications.

    Training: UW Seattle Writer's Program | Maine Photographer's Workshops Residental Program

  • Photographer

    Freelance photographer since 1990

    Assistant photographer then freelance, chiefly I shoot travel and human interest pieces.

    Training: Maine Photographic Workshops Residental Program, '94| Samples...

  • Desktop Publishing

    Typeset and laid out a variety of publications

    Typeset, colorset, and laid out books, magazines, newspapers, and advertisements.

    Accomplishments: Why I know typesetting terms and software like InDesign

  • Counseling/Psychology

    Counseled mentally ill full time before the age of 22

    I'm a sidetracked therapist who continues to have a passion for health and healing.

    Accomplishments: Worked in a mental hospital and various half way houses. Then I became a carpenter...

  • Yoga Teacher

    Founder of SaundaryaYoga™ for healing and balance

    Over ten years experience teaching and studying multidisciplinary yoga internationally.

    Roots: Within the Krishnamacharya lineage, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga

  • Dance

    I practice and teach dance for somatic healing

    I studied a little formal Jazz and Modern dance in college. Now I use it to keep vital.

    Accomplishments: Studied under a variety of renowned teachers at the Esalen Institute.

  • Massage

    Studied and practiced Thai and EsalenĀ® Massage

    I started offering massage in college and now use Thai massage principles while teaching yoga.

    Accomplishments: Completed Thai massage course training in Thailand which enabled me to offer and teach better yoga adjustments and body mechanics.

  • Cab Driver

    Drove a cab in the Boston Area for 4 months

    Career wise not a high point and yet Fred did see a lot of life from inside a city cab.

    Accomplishments: Learned how to heavy roll drunks out of the back of a cab, that cab drivers usually aren't the worst drivers on the roads and how to make it to the airport on time, no matter the traffic.

  • Carpentry

    Remodeled and built houses and hand made furniture

    Fred once worked on a small carpenter's crew and made furniture in his home wood shop.

    Accomplishments: Learned a lot about joinery and house construction

  • Construction

    During college and after worked on a variety of construction jobs

    Had a hand in plumbing, electrical, industrial, painting, and carpentry construction.

    Accomplishments: I know why most contructions gigs are late. Still love building things.

  • Electical

    School theater electrician freshman year in college

    Maintained the theater lighting systems. Done household wiring here and there.

    Accomplishments: Pulling wires can be fun. Dealing with theater personalities carries more charge than any circuit.

  • English Teaching

    Five years living and teaching English in Japan

    Taught in the Japanese public school system at levels K through 12th grade.

    Accomplishments: Saw the best [and worst] that Japanese public schools have to offer.

  • Environmentalism

    Worked for MASSPIRG and wrote articles on energy efficiency

    Fred's a committed treehugger who hooked up with the Rocky Mountain Institute years ago.

    Accomplishments: Always kept abreast of energy efficient technologies and the green movement.

  • Food Service

    Committed to good food and a world free of iceburg lettuce salads

    Fred's early working years were spent professionally cooking, bartending, and waiting tables.

    Accomplishments: Escaped the world of rural East Coast America, dominated by iceburg lettuce salads, to California wines, organic foods, and a deep appreciation of fine foods.

  • House Painting

    Professionally painted college dorms and apartments

    Spent a summer on a painting crew and as an apartment manager painted apartment interiors.

    Accomplishments: Can cut in a standard college double room in under 15 minutes.

  • International Sailing

    Crewed on yachts across the Indian Ocean

    1988 crossed the Indian Ocean by working on yachts (crew and cook), later sailed around the Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

    Accomplishments: Can use a sextant to navigate by the stars. Saw a world beyond any I'd known.

  • Japanese Language

    I'd like to be trilingual before I die

    Spent five years studying Japanese while living in Japan.

    Accomplishments: Taught weekly yoga classes exclusively in Japanese.

  • Landscaping

    First personal business: mowing lawns at 15

    Also spent a lot of time tending the plants as an apartment manager.

    Accomplishments: Know something about the talent and hard work it takes to landscape.

  • Multicultural Experiences

    Circumnavigated the world twice and lived in Japan for five years

    I'm a sidetracked sociologist with a deep appreciation of the world's varied cultures.

    Accomplishments: Visited around 23 different countries determined to always eat with the locals.

  • Organic Farming

    Spent approximately four weeks working on two organic farms

    While visiting New Zealand in 1993 I worked on the Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) as a volunteer.

    Accomplishments: Learned a little about how difficult it is to be an organic farmer. Learned more than I expected about dagging sheep and rearing calves.

  • Plumbing

    Spent two summers as a plumber's assistant

    Help install heating and cooling systems and the pleasure of maintaining septic systems.

    Accomplishments: Learned the value of having pride in all jobs, no matter how menial.