about me

Fred's Headshot

I’m a hybrid of a UX Designer and Front-End Developer. Think of me as the friendly neighborhood superhero of the digital world (seriously - I earned a cape with the name Flyin' Fred).

I work closely with designers and developers, ensuring everyone is aligned on project goals. My background includes creating minimum viable products (MVPs) using Lean UX and developing detailed Personas with Design Thinking. This helps me tackle project challenges effectively.

My goal is to transform user experiences into visual narratives that are both attractive and functional. I use design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD to create intuitive interface designs, wireframes, and prototypes. These designs help make the user experience smooth and enjoyable.

On the technical side, I'm proficient in web content accessibility, website performance optimization, and managing version control with Git and SVN. I also conduct usability and A/B testing. My knowledge of JavaScript, React.js, and other front-end technologies enables me to build web applications that look good and work well across all devices.

I'm a team player with a positive attitude, always ready to contribute to our collective success. In short, I blend the art of UX with the power of technology to create user-friendly digital experiences.

Imagine a workplace in which hard work and joy, in equal measure, are recognized as essential to creating excellence."

— Fred's Personal Vision