hi, i'm fred. a seasoned product designer
  • creative front-end developer.
  • ux researcher.
  • css/javascript animator.
  • mentor.
  • design thinker.
  • team lead.
  • team collaborator.
  • problem solver.
  • creative front-end developer.

I create digital magic by coupling design, research and technology.

Welcome to my portfolio.

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  • ASB Seizes Opportunity in Hawaii’s Growing Digital Market

    Lead UX Researcher

    Embarked on a brief yet impactful project, focusing on refining the digital banking experience for the younger demographic (18-30 years) of American Savings Bank of Hawaii. Navigated through banking regulations and compliance, while crafting a future-ready roadmap for ASB's app enhancements.

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  • Achieving Excellence in UX for Northern Tool + Equipment’s E‑commerce Site

    Lead UX Designer/Developer

    Was entrusted with the task of revamping an outdated HCL e-commerce site. The mission was to enhance its user experience and make it fully accessible to WCAG standards.

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  • Streamlining Nevada Energy’s New Construction Portal

    Lead UX Designer

    Nevada Energy's current process for obtaining electrical and gas services for construction sites was an oudated ordeal. Revamped Nevada Energy's complex process of securing construction site services. The project aim was to digitize and simplify the process, making it more user-friendly and less time-consuming for clients.

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  • LeCrueset.com mockups

    Designing for E-commerce Conversion at Le Creuset

    Lead Project Designer

    Embarked on a digital makeover mission for Le Creuset, transforming their outdated ecommerce platform into a visually stunning, secure, and user-friendly shopping site. Our quest was to charm middle-aged cooks browsing on mobile and tablets, turning their browsing into buying with a dash of Victor Bejar's cutting-edge responsive theme on the Magento eCommerce platform.

    Won Best Web Design Award at Imagine 2016.

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  • Everlast mockups

    Global Digital Makeover for Everlast.com

    Lead Front-End Developer

    Worked on an international project for Everlast.com, rolling out an updated responsive theme. The mission was to ensure a consistent and streamlined user experience across all devices and platforms internationally.

  • Speakman.com mockups

    Reimagining Speakman’s Online Presence

    Lead Front-End Developer

    Built a pixel-perfect website based on Sketch mockups. Utilized creative theming strategies to optimize the user interface for mobile and tablet screens.

  • Funimation.com mockujps

    FUNimation.com Digital Rebrand and New Theme Development

    Lead Front-End Developer

    Collaborated on a project for FUNimation® Entertainment, building a new site to showcase their extensive anime offerings. The challenge was to build custom UX modules in Drupal and later in CodeIgniter for a unique, custom look.